Be Safe while Travelling


Your Safety and Health

My Travel Health App is based on technologies licensed from Mayo Clinic and is the only App developed by experienced travel medicine consultants that focuses on your health during travel and provides practical tips for preventing and handling illnesses while traveling.

My Travel Health App features include:

IMG_2785Travel Medical Kit now availableMedical Kit


Choose from over 200 destinations/countries and the app will provide specific information regarding immunizations that are recommended/required for the selected destination. Keep in mind that proof of certain vaccination may be required for certain destinations.

Licensed Mayo Clinic’s patient education material provides Information on symptoms and prevention strategies for a broad range of travel related illnesses including Jet Lag and Sleep, Motion and Altitude Sickness, Travel Diarrhea, insect transmitted illnesses and many more.

Packing List and To Do List

App comes with pre – populated “Packing List” and “To do” list for most destinations. You can add or remove items not applicable for your trip. Mark each item complete and they automatically drop to completed items list.


Safety Alerts

All the latest safety alerts are simply a touch away, Navigate to Travel Alerts and Warnings issued by US Department of State, U.S. Passports & International Travel, while there enroll in Smart Travel Enrollment Program (STEP). STEP is a free service to allow U.S. citizens/nationals travelling abroad to enroll with the local U.S. Embassy and Consulate. You can also learn more about your destination by typing in the name of the country.

Archive Trips

Upon return, archive the trip and you can use your already customized lists for your next trip to some other destination (a great feature for frequent fliers).
Stay fit while on board aircraft and prevent the dreaded blood clots in the legs.

This app provides simple but customized exercises that can be performed with limited leg space on board aircraft. How can anyone stay active and exercise in every tightening economy class space? Well, we’ve got pictures to show you how.


Save Passport and Visa Information

Tired of pulling your passport and visa out to fill out customs and immigration forms on board aircraft? What if you lose your passport while traveling? We’ve got your covered. The app provides separate sections for storing information and pictures of your passport, visa and driver’s license.

Store Vital Health Information

Keep your vital health information in your pocket. The app lets you store Immunization records, your doctor’s contact information, list of allergies, medication information (pictures of pills, dosages, frequency) and your health insurance information. This information can be life saving in case you lose your luggage and medications kept in it (Trust us, it happens more frequently than you think).

You can store unlimited customized notes and items with pictures in the “My Stuff” Custom Item section of the App. It is up to your imagination as you can use the packing list as your shopping list. All information that you enter is stored on your device, nothing in the cloud. You can have a piece of mind.

pr_source-4Friendly reminder: Keep in mind that this app is not a replacement for consultation with a Travel Medicine Doctor or your primary healthcare provider. Recommendation may change based on your detailed travel itinerary, purpose of travel (business or vacation or missionary work) and your existing medical conditions.