Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know that the information is reliable and can be acted upon?

A. This is an important question as there is a lot of information on the Internet from unreliable sources. We have only included evidence-based information from the best sources. The content covered in Health section is licensed from Mayo Clinic, known for its quality of care and academic excellence (ranked as number 1 hospital in US News and World Report 2014-2015 ranking).

Country-specific recommendations for vaccination and malaria prevention are based on the information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States of America.

Travel Alerts are coming to you from the United States “State Department”, and are updated regularly, so check often.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rizwan Sohail, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and a consultant in Travel and Tropical Medicine at Mayo Clinic and has been counselling international travelers for over a decade. He has authored research papers and book chapters on Travel Medicine and regularly lectures on this subject.

Word of caution: The recommendations provided by the App do not replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment as prevention and treatment strategies need to individualized based on your medical history, medications you are taking and allergy to any medications or vaccines that you might have. If you have questions about a certain recommendation or medical condition, always speak with your health care provider.

Q. What type of information can I enter in My Stuff section?

A. The App allows you to enter your Passport, Visa, Driver’s License, Doctor Contact, Allergies and insurance information in the My Stuff section. However, if you want to add anything more, you can use Custom Item section where you can store information about emergency contacts, credit cards, etc. if you wish. Caution: If you delete the app, all the archived trips and personal content stored in My Stuff section is permanently deleted.

Q. Is it safe to store my personal information in My Stuff section?

A. All information entered in the App is stored locally on your device and completely under control. Your private information is not uploaded or synced to any Cloud or Server. Think of this as your wallet. No one except you has access to this wallet of information unless you want to show it to someone on your device or forward it as a screen shot. We strongly recommend that all users use Apple’s built-in Touch ID or passcodes to secure their iOS device.

Q. I don’t see a To Do and Packing List for my destination? Where do I find it? 

A. If you are only browsing a destination, you will NOT see the To Do List and Packing List. Once you choose a destination and Add it to “My Trip”, To Do and Packing Lists will be added to your Trip. These are pre-populated based on travel needs of most users, but are modifiable. As a start, you can delete the items (left swipe gesture) that you do not need and add what you will need. Save it and as you complete the items, tap the radio button and it will drop to the Complete Section.

Q. Why am I getting updates pushed to my device?

A. As travel medicine and heath is a dynamic field, we are constantly adding new features and content to the App, so we push updates periodically. You can download these updates if you wish. Else if you are happy with what you are using, you can ignore the “updates are available” alert. Caution: If you delete the app, all the archived trips and personal content stored in My Stuff section is permanently deleted.

Q. Can I use To Do and Packing List when I am only dreaming about my vacation but have no real plans yet?

A. Of Course you can – Create an imaginary trip and update these lists for your daily shopping list. It is your list. No one else sees it.

Q. I do not travel much but want to save my Medications using this App, how can I do it?

A. Although not specifically designed for this purpose, information about your medications can certainly be stored in the My Stuff section of the app. Photos of the medications can also be stored. However, you should know that App will not give you any reminders about your medications and the information cannot be printed or synced with any other service at this time (we are considering adding this functionality in this or a different app if there is interest from the users).

Q. What additional functionalities you are planning to add?

A. We love to hear from you. Please send us your suggestions at and we will consider adding those to the app. Have any ideas or questions; please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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